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Compass Conversations: Lil Daisy Soaps


I'm pleased to introduce Leah, the heart behind Lil Daisy Soaps. Her journey from veterinary medicine to soap-making is as unique as her luxurious, skin-loving products.

Her soaps are rich with ingredients like goat milk and shea butter, which are more than just a treat for your skin - they're a testament to Leah's dedication to quality. Read on to learn what makes Lil Daisy Soaps so special, and why they are quickly becoming a local favorite!


Each month, we'll take you on a journey through the unique stories, passions, and dreams that drive our local entrepreneurs. These are the stories behind the logos and social media posts, the spirited souls enriching our daily lives with their craft and dedication.

Lil Daisy Soap - Lemon Lavender Soap
Lil Daisy Soaps

What inspired you to start your business?

Would you believe my journey to starting a soap business started out in veterinary medicine? I spent over 20 years in veterinary medicine and was emotionally burnt out, and then we had a bit of a family crisis that I needed to develop a life that would allow me to be more flexible with caring for my family.

So I left veterinary medicine. When I left veterinary medicine I knew whatever I chose to do next that I needed the freedom of flexibility and that I wanted to do something that made people happy in a very simple way.

After much thought, I decided there really wasn’t any easier way to bring joy to someone’s life than with a pretty bar of soap, and a bar of soap made with milk and butters would have the added bonus of feeding your skin.

I should also talk about the inspiration for our business name, Lil Daisy Soaps. It is the combination of two very special dogs. My niece, who I consider my partner in this venture, her dog Lily, and my dog Daisy. The last member of our family business, the one who holds everything together, is my husband. He keeps me sane and helps in so many ways.

How does your business contribute to the local community?

Being a local business owner gives me the opportunity to re-invest business dollars back into my community. I am able to support other local small businesses, and participate in community events such as vendor fairs or our local farmers market.

We are also a member of the CVABC which is a wonderful community of local businesses which gives us more opportunities to support other businesses and community events.

Can you share a memorable experience or success story related to your business?

We are in a really exciting moment for our business as we are relatively new to the Appomattox community and starting to grow. It is a wonderful experience to be meeting new people at the Farmer’s Market or Vendor Events and have our name and products being recognized, or to have someone relate a story to us about how much they have fallen in love with one of our products. It makes me so happy.

What challenges have you faced in building your business, and how have you overcome them?

It can be challenging to stand out in a market that is very saturated. We have strived to create a product that is unique in its look and quality and have focused on our packaging and branding.

We have always wanted a brand and package that people would not only want to use for themselves, but would also immediately think, “This would make a great gift for so and so.”

What makes your business unique? 

Our soaps and relationships we have with our clients makes our business unique. We have gained the nickname of being called "milk and butter soaps" as they are so rich in either goat or coconut milk and contain high amounts of shea butter and then have additional butters such as Cocoa, Kokum, or Mango Butter added to them as well as the skin loving oils such as Olive and Castor Oil that are used.

We love our clients and work very hard to build lasting relationships with them. We are not looking to be a one-time soap or body product purchase. We want to be their continued choice for body products, and we do our best to encourage that with reward points and special perks for those who join our email list.

What advice would you give to other small business owners who are just starting out?

Learn your craft, but don’t be afraid to take the leap and start your business.

Surround yourself with a great network of supportive people, have cheerleaders in your circle who are going to encourage you each step of the way, and don’t get caught up in the spiral of comparison.

Have your own vision of what success looks like for you. Success has a different perspective for each individual. Set your vision for what success is for you.

How do you see your business evolving in the future?

We see ourselves growing in our community and beyond through local events. We look forward to meeting new individuals and continuing to build relationships with our existing clients. We are also excited to be building our presence in retail locations and expanding our E-Commerce store as well.

We have some exciting plans for Lil Daisy Soaps for the future and cannot wait to share them with our community.

Do you have a special message that you'd like to share with the community through this article?

We love our Appomattox Community and look forward to growing and contributing to the community and surrounding areas.

Visit us online! Website | Facebook


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