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Numerous magazines offer a platform for local businesses, yet often at a high advertising cost, which excludes many small and home-based businesses. Amidst a sea of advertisements, the genuine connection can be lost.

We seek to offer something different – a place where small and home-based businesses can stand out without the burden of expensive advertising fees.

Our directory is a carefully curated, tangible book that is designed with the community's interests at heart, making it a reliable and trustworthy source for residents. 


We're committed to fostering genuine connections over mere transactions.


Our goal is to help new homeowners feel local sooner by helping them locate the small businesses in their community.

A person holding a set of keys in front of a small model house

Our directory is designed to help new community members feel local sooner.

It bridges the gap between local businesses and the county's newest residents and is the embodiment of community, your business, and the meaningful connections we can create together.

You're not just "buying ad space". You're investing in the local community, fostering trust, and creating brand loyalty with potential customers.

This is an opportunity to tell your story, highlight your services, and welcome your newest neighbors in a personal, engaging way.

With County Compass, you'll be connected directly to new homeowners who are actively seeking local services, restaurants, shops, and community connections.

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