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Compass Conversations: Anderson's Country Market II


Anderson's Country Market II is a big staple in our local community! I've shopped there for odds & ends since we moved to Madison Heights. Sarah's hospitality is unmatched, and the entire team is incredibly welcoming. Their wide range of products, from dry goods to plants, local raw honey, organic foods, and fresh produce, is simply outstanding!

They were also voted THE #1 family-owned business in Amherst County in a recent online community poll. (I'm not surprised!)


Each month, we'll take you on a journey through the unique stories, passions, and dreams that drive our local entrepreneurs. These are the stories behind the logos and social media posts, the spirited souls enriching our daily lives with their craft and dedication.

Red truck outside of Anderson's Country Market
Anderson's Country Market II

What inspired you to start your business?

We were blessed that Anderson’s Country Market was established by John and Evangeline Anderson. They did the hard work. They started the business from the ground up and grew the business into a loved establishment in Amherst County.

We purchased the business because I loved the store and it would allow Josh and I to maintain a family income, him to have a surgery that he needed and us to be able to be parents to our three boys. It is a true blessing to our family. 

How does your business contribute to the local community?

We are a place we want people to love to come, shop and eat. We are a small country store with fun candies and unique snacks and products. We have a place for a family to dine together without distractions.

We love supporting local schools, sports programs, and community events and outreaches. We want our community to know we love them as much as they love and support us. 

Can you share a memorable experience or success story related to your business?

Well if this is bragging then so be it, lol. We have been nominated for awards in Amherst County and Lynchburg. We are being recognized for the hard work ourselves, and our whole team has put into the store.

People are noticing and new customers are coming in, almost daily. Word is spreading about us - that is success and we are humbled by it. 

What challenges have you faced in building your business, and how have you overcome them?

The challenge of rising prices on everything; product costs, minimum wage and utilities. We want to be fair in our pricing as we serve many families that too are on fixed incomes. We see that every day, but are finding the balance of what to charge to stay competitive and in business, but understand family struggles.

What makes your business unique?

There are so many wonderful things that make our business unique. We have many hard-to-find items used in cooking and baking. We have fun, nostalgic candies and snacks.

What most people don’t know is the amazing deli we have. We make sandwiches on homemade breads, along with sides that are delicious. We have many small businesses represented in our store with their products for sale. Our store is unique because it’s family-owned and that shows each day with the detail and care that is put into it. 

What advice would you give to other small business owners who are just starting out?

My advice is to understand there will be rough seasons; know it right up front. There will be financial struggles and wins. Moments on top, and moments of defeat. But if God brought them to this business, as he did for us, he won’t let them down. Keep your head high and work hard. Show up every day but never let the business run you. 

How do you see your business evolving in the future?

We see ourselves expanding our greenhouse selection with more perennials and shrubs. The only place in Madison Heights to get these products is the big box companies, but we want to offer more to our community.

We want to offer similar prices with excellent quality. We want the plants and shrubs that are purchased from us to last and grow in something beautiful at each home or office. My husband, Josh loves plants, making a space beautiful, and has quite the “green thumb” so expanding the greenhouse selection is what seems to be the next chapter for us. 

Do you have a special message that you'd like to share with the community through this article?

To never underestimate the power of God, community, family and friends. That if you truly put hard work into your business - you will succeed.

To make sure that you take time away from the business too for yourself and family. It is important to be thankful for those who help and support you each day.

Lastly, take the bad with the good - it’s all you can do. 

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Photo of the owner and her husband who live in Madison Heights VA

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I'm the owner of County Compass, and an Amherst County resident. 

I love our community and want to help new homeowners find all the local gems that may not get enough exposure on social media.

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