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(434) 386-1767

Lynchburg, VA, USA

Sing-a-Gram is a Lynchburg local and world-wide virtual Singing Telegram Service.

Our motto - Give the Gift of Song!
Our mission - to celebrate people!
Our vision- A world where people break out into song to celebrate each other (we pretty much want to turn life into a musical)

We offer local and in person singing telegrams to the Lynchburg area (10 mile radius), a travel fee will apply to areas outside of that radius (e.g. Nelson or Pittsylvania Counties)

Video-grams and Live-grams are a way to share a special moment with a song no matter how far the miles.

All Sing-a-Grams are unique and special - created just for the occasion. Costumes, balloons, cake, cupcakes, and more can be added.

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